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ENGLISH <-> PERSIAN (FARSI)- SD-450P Electronic Language Translator Dictionary Pocket HANDHELD Speaking Organizer
TALKING DICTIONARY 1) DICTIONARY CENTER: a) 5 Vol. ARYAN PUR Eng- Per Dictionary ? Examples (sentences) for each word with meanings. ? Spell Checking ? Different Kinds of Word-Searching ? Cross Search to Per-Eng Dictionary b) 1 Vol. ARYAN PUR Concise Per- Eng Dictionary ? General, Wisdom & historical Search ? Cross Search to Per-Eng Dictionary c) Abbreviations d) User?s Dictionary e) Common Vocabulary f) Dialog g) Proverbs 2) LANGUAGE CENTER: a) English Grammar b) English Test c) Irregular Verbs d) Irregular Plural Nouns e) Phrasal Verbs ?All with Persian Meanings 3) ORGANIZER CENTER: a) Telephone b) Schedule c) Class Schedule d) Memo e) To Do List f) Anniversaries g) Calendar (Gregorian&Shamsi) h) Personal Information 4) CALCULATION CENTER: a) Scientific Calculator b) Metric Conversion 5) GAMES CENTER: a) Word Game b) Apple Chess c) Snake d) Shooting 6) DATE & TIME CENTER: a) Local Time b) Daily Alarm c) Stopwatch d) Prayer Time e) World Time 7) MISCELLANEOUS CENTER: a) Chemical Elements b) Roman Numerals c) PC Link d) Greeting Message e) Memory Check f) Data Deletion 8) System Setup a) Hot Keys Setup b) Display Format c) Sound On/Off d) Speech Setup e) Password On/Off f) Language Preference g) Favorite Location h) Calendar Settings

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